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WWW.ACADASTORE.COM is a website adapted to function on computers and mobile phones. We provide online test questions and answers for students in JSS 1 – SS 3 in at least 10 subjects in electronic format, automated to run as Computer Based Tests (CBT). Each subject onsite aims to cover questions in all the topics for that class (JSS 1 – SSS 3).
We also provide past questions for the various categories of examinations in Nigeria as JAMB, WAEC and Junior NECO.

Our question database is arranged topically. Users can therefore focus on areas/subjects/topics of interest only. Depending on the topic(s) indicated at the creation of a CBT, questions are generated based on those parameters/selections. Registered users can login to the site, attempt CBT’s, submit them and view their results, with explanations provided where necessary and keep record of all the tests attempted all year round. Parents and teachers can gainfully keep students occupied and exposed to test materials. With Acadastore, a parent can easily set tests and actively monitor his child’s academic activities and progress on a daily basis or remotely through any internet enabled device whether from his office or anywhere in the world on the go.
User access to our Computer Based Tests cover the following categories for now:

  • JSS 1 - JSS 3 Category: Members in this category have access to all JSS 1, JSS 2, JSS 3 materials
  • SSS 1 - SSS 3 Category: Members in this category have access to all SSS 1, SSS 2, SSS 3 materials
  • JAMB: Accessible to SSS 1 – SSS 3 category
  • WAEC: Accessible to SSS 1 – SSS 3 category
  • Junior NECO: Accessible to JSS1 – JSS 3 category


  • Multiple choice question paper
  • Members can create customized paper, choose number of questions
  • CBTs on JSS 1 – SSS 3 can be created topically
  • Review with explanation of questions etc
  • Retest option
  • Free access to teachers with registered members
  • Conference CBTs among users
  • Admin CBTs for the purpose of competitions on site
  • Forums
  • Free all year round school promotional for any school whose students are registered. This is done on our SCHOOL DIRECTORY page
  • Free access to teachers of such schools so that they can follow up, monitor, teach and test their students outside the schools walls and during holidays

Other features:

Other features of our Examination system/CBT test papers include:
  • Means to increase and monitor academic performance from any location
  • Directly analyze/appraise study habits, strengths and improvements
  • Assign, monitor and review results of academic exercises online
  • Complete record and analysis of all attempted CBTs in user’s page all year round
  • Practise past questions of recognised examination institutions
  • Study/Interact with students across the country
  • Reach out to teachers or class mates with a question and get an answer back quickly
  • Improve basic literacy skills in computers

Please note that membership is valid for 366 days from the day of first registration and as such shall terminate at the expiration thereof except User re-validates his account with ACADASTORE.