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Are you looking for a revolutionary tool to actively participate in your child's educational journey?
Look no further! AcadaStore is here to transform the way you engage with your child's learning experience.

How AcadaStore Benefits Parents:

  • Monitor Progress Anytime, Anywhere: With AcadaStore, youyou can assess your child’s grasp of subjects and topics taught in school by creating Computer Based Tests (CBTs) for him depending on the topics of interest.

  • Comprehensive Test Archive: All your child's attempted tests are securely archived for future reference. Dive into their academic history to understand strengths, areas for improvement, and track their growth over time.

  • Access to Topical Questions: Our extensive question bank covers a wide array of subjects (English and Mathematics for primary schools, additional subjects for secondary schools), grouped topically. This allows you to pinpoint specific areas where your child may need additional support, fostering a more targeted and effective learning experience.

  • External Exam Preparation: Prepare your child for success in external examinations such as Common Entrance, Junior NECO, WAEC, and JAMB. AcadaStore provides a wealth of past questions, answers, and solutions to ensure your child is well-equipped for these pivotal assessments. You have the power to decide when to start exposing your ward to these past questions.

  • Teacher Accounts: The inclusion of a teacher platform means your child can benefit from educators committed to their success. Teachers can create customized assessments, lessons, and tutorials to enhance your child's learning experience. Revisit and reinforce classroom learning with access to lessons and tutorials. Whether it's a challenging concept or an opportunity to dive deeper into a subject, AcadaStore supports your child's growth.

  • Convenient Parental Oversight: As a parent, you play a pivotal role in your child's academic success. AcadaStore empowers you with the tools to actively participate in their learning journey, ensuring a more collaborative and supportive educational experience. This might involve going back to previous class/topic or going to the next class/topic New questions and/or topics are added to our question bank weekly so we are constantly expanding. It is and will continue to be an on-going process.

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