Type of Questions

Objective Type

Acada Store offers wide range of objective questions covering all possible formats like Single Question with Multiple Choice, Single Question containg Diagram, with Multiple Choices.

Comprehensive Type

Acada store covers Comprehension Passagae Question especially coming in Enghlish, Single Instruction for Mutiple Objective type questions, Objective Questions based on Single Diagram etc.

Type of Questions Papers

AcadaStore Provides 4 types of basic CBTs.

Customized CBT

Customized CBTs are the ones which user creates on his own. It can be attempted at any time. Users and parents use this type of CBT to monitor a person’s progress, focus on specific areas/subjects/topics as well as improve readiness for any examination (internal or external) long before the time.

Admin CBT

Admin CBTs are set by the admin for all users to participate in. It is a handy tool for our online competitions, mock examinations etc.

Conference CBT

Conference CBT is a great tool for group study. With this tool a user can create and invite friends who are also registered members of acadastore to participate in.

Teachers CBT

Teachers CBTs are created by teachers for their students who are registered members of acadastore. Teachers can use this tool to monitor and improve the preparedness of their students for both internal and external examinations. The results of tests are sent to the teacher’s page for analysis